Ischia Group Theory, a.k.a. The 24 Hours of GOThIC (a 24-hour conference)

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group theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 25-Mar-2021 to 26-Mar-2021
Organizer: Andrea Caranti*
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Please write to Andrea Caranti for the link to the Zoom room where the conference is taking place.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriMar 2615:55OrganisersClosing Ceremony
FriMar 2615:20Delaram KahrobaeiAlgorithmic problems in Engel groups and cryptographic applications
FriMar 2614:40Francesca Dalla VoltaSome result about Möbius functions for a finite non-solvable group
FriMar 2614:25OrganisersA virtual tour of Procida
FriMar 2613:50Massimiliano SalaThe group structure of elliptic curves over $\mathbb{Z} /N \mathbb{Z}$
FriMar 2613:10Gunnar TraustasonPowerfully nilpotent groups
FriMar 2613:00Marino CoglianiIntermezzo: Neapolitan Songs
FriMar 2612:10Benjamin KlopschAutomorphisms and pro-isomorphic zeta functions of class-$2$ nilpotent groups
FriMar 2611:30Wolfgang HerfortArchipelago Groups are Locally Free
FriMar 2611:10OrganisersRemembering Karl Strambach
FriMar 2611:05OrganisersA virtual tour of La Mortella gardens
FriMar 2610:30Primož MoravecBogomolov multipliers of groups
FriMar 2609:50Leonid Andreevich KurdachenkoAround Contranormality
FriMar 2609:40Sandra Castellano and Rebeca FerriIntermezzo: Flute and Cello Concerto
FriMar 2609:00Mikhail E. MuzychukOn Some Applications of Group Representation Theory to Algebraic Problems Related to the Congruence Principle for Equivariant Maps
FriMar 2608:20Marcel HerzogNew criteria for solvability, nilpotency and other properties of finite groups
FriMar 2608:05OrganisersRemembering Zvi Arad
FriMar 2607:30Carmen MusellaGeneralized nilpotency properties for subgroup lattices of groups
FriMar 2606:50Mahmut KuzucuoğluExplicit Examples of Algebraically Closed Groups
FriMar 2606:25Sandra Castellano and Rebeca FerriIntermezzo: Flute and Cello Concerto
FriMar 2605:50Nikolai VavilovThe Yoga of commutator revisited, revisited
FriMar 2605:10Alireza AbdollahiCompact groups with a set of positive Haar measure satisfying a nilpotent law
FriMar 2604:55Marino CoglianiIntermezzo: Neapolitan Songs
FriMar 2604:20Anatoly Kondrat'evA strong version of the Sims conjecture on finite primitive permutation groups
FriMar 2603:40Michael GiudiciAutomorphism orbits of groups and the Monster
FriMar 2603:15OrganisersA virtual tour of Ischia
FriMar 2602:40Stephen GlasbyMost permutations power to a cycle of small prime length
FriMar 2602:00Efim ZelmanovGrowth functions of groups, algebras and monoids
FriMar 2601:50Sandra Castellano and Rebeca FerriIntermezzo: Flute and Cello Concerto
FriMar 2601:00Mark LewisGraphs associated with groups
FriMar 2600:20Mark SapirOn closed subgroups of the R. Thompson group $F$
FriMar 2600:10OrganisersA virtual tour of Procida
ThuMar 2523:30Igor SubbotinMethods of Group Theory in Leibniz Algebras: Some Compelling Results
ThuMar 2522:50Pablo SpigaMilnor-Wolf's Theorem for group endomorphisms
ThuMar 2522:35OrganisersA virtual tour of La Mortella gardens
ThuMar 2522:00Emanuele PacificiOn Huppert's Rho-Sigma conjecture
ThuMar 2521:20Luise-Charlotte KappeFinite Coverings of Semigroups
ThuMar 2520:55Sandra Castellano and Rebeca FerriIntermezzo: Flute and Cello Concerto
ThuMar 2520:20Pavel ShumyatskyOn profinite groups with restricted centralizers of commutators
ThuMar 2519:40Andrzej ŻukFrom PDEs to groups
ThuMar 2519:15Marino CoglianiIntermezzo: Neapolitan Songs
ThuMar 2518:40Aleksandr OlshanskyGroups Finitely Presented in Burnside Varieties
ThuMar 2518:05Waldemar HolubowskiNormal subgroups in the group of column-finite infinite matrices
ThuMar 2517:50OrganisersRemembering Kanta Gupta
ThuMar 2517:35OrganisersA virtual tour of Ischia
ThuMar 2516:50Agata S. AtkarskayaCombinatorial approach for Burnside groups of relatively small odd exponents
ThuMar 2516:10Evgeny KhukhroCompact groups with countable Engel sinks
ThuMar 2516:00OrganisersWelcome Greetings
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