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21-Oct-202131-Dec-2025UniDistance Suisse Mathematics ColloquiumMathematics
Mon Jun 17Fri Jun 28Rethinking Number Theorynumber theory
Mon Jun 24Goal-Directed Behavior in Life and Non-Lifebiochemistry bioinformatics chemical biology evolution computational and theoretical chemistry supramolecular chemistry
Mon Jun 24Thu Jun 27Latin-American Conference on Astrophysics and Relativityastrophysics general relativity and quantum cosmology
Mon Jul 22Fri Jul 26Celestial Holography Summer School 2024Perimeter InstituteHEP - theory
Mon Sep 9Fri Sep 13GAP XIX — Rome: Moduli spaces and higher structuresmathematical physics algebraic geometry algebraic topology differential geometry quantum algebra
Mon Sep 9Fri Sep 13Summer School on Tropical Linear Spacesalgebraic geometry combinatorics
Mon Sep 23Fri Sep 27Symmetry and shape. Celebrating the 60th birthday of Prof. E. García RíoUniversidade de Santiago de Composteladifferential geometry
01-Jun-202507-Jun-2025Function Spaces and Applications XIII (Spring School on Analysis 2025)Charles University / Czech Technical University in Pragueanalysis of PDEs functional analysis