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21-Oct-202131-Dec-2025UniDistance Suisse Mathematics ColloquiumMathematics
Wed Aug 30Fri Sep 29Seminar-Type Workshop on Topological Solitonshigh energy physics mathematical physics nonlinear sciences
Thu Oct 5Fri Oct 6Around Frobenius Distributions and Related Topics IVnumber theory
Fri Oct 13Sun Oct 15TORA (Texas-Oklahoma Representations and Automorphic forms) XIInumber theory representation theory
Thu Oct 26Sun Oct 29Kickoff Workshop for Simons Collaboration on Celestial HolographyHarvard Universitygeneral relativity and quantum cosmology high energy physics
Fri Nov 3Sat Nov 419th Prairie Analysis SeminarKansas State Universityanalysis of PDEs
Mon Dec 11Fri Dec 15Winter School on Low-dimensional Topology and Related TopicsInstitute for Basic Sciencemathematical physics algebraic topology geometric topology quantum algebra symplectic geometry
29-Jan-202402-Feb-2024Fourier Analysis and its applications -- WorkshopAlfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematicsclassical analysis and ODEs functional analysis spectral theory
10-Jun-202414-Jun-2024Summer School: Additive CombinatoricsAlfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematicscombinatorics number theory representation theory
17-Jun-202421-Jun-2024Additive Combinatorics WorkshopAlfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematicscombinatorics number theory representation theory
24-Jun-202427-Jun-2024Latin-American Conference on Astrophysics and Relativityastrophysics general relativity and quantum cosmology