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21-Oct-202131-Dec-2025UniDistance Suisse Mathematics ColloquiumMathematics
Thu Dec 8Fri Dec 9Crosscurrents in number theory, analsis and geometry (2022)Université Sorbonne Paris Norddynamical systems number theory
Mon Dec 12Wed Dec 14Quantization Days 3.0Mathematics Physics
Sat Dec 17Sun Dec 18Mathematical Physics Days 2022Mathematics Physics
Mon Dec 19Fri Dec 23NCTS Conference on Fractional Integrals and Related Phenomena in AnalysisNational Center for Theoretical Sciencesanalysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs functional analysis
24-Feb-202326-Feb-2023Algebraic Geometry in Spectral TheoryICERMalgebraic geometry
27-Feb-202303-Mar-2023Linear and Non-Linear Mixed Integer OptimizationICERMMathematics
27-Mar-202331-Mar-2023Combinatorics and OptimizationICERMMathematics
24-Apr-202328-Apr-2023Trends in Computational Discrete OptimizationICERMMathematics
08-May-202312-May-2023Optimal Transport in Data ScienceICERMmachine learning statistics theory
15-May-202319-May-2023Dynamics, Rigidity and Arithmetic in Hyperbolic GeometryICERMMathematics
22-May-202325-May-2023Tangled in Knot TheoryICERMalgebraic topology geometric topology
28-May-202303-Jun-2023Function Spaces and Applications XII (Spring School on Analysis 2023)Charles University / Czech Technical University in Pragueanalysis of PDEs functional analysis
30-May-202302-Jun-2023An Expedition into Arithmetic GeometryUniversiteit LeidenMathematics
05-Jun-202309-Jun-2023Mathematical and Scientific Machine LearningICERMMathematics
12-Jun-202316-Jun-2023Mathematical and Computational BiologyICERMcomputational biology general mathematics
20-Jun-202323-Jun-2023From Impact Factor to Influence Factor: Data Science and Policy for Social JusticeICERMComputer science Mathematics
20-Jun-202328-Jul-2023Data Science and Social Justice: Networks, Policy, and EducationICERMgeneral mathematics
26-Jun-202330-Jun-2023Modern Applied and Computational AnalysisICERMMathematics
10-Jul-202314-Jul-2023LMFDB, Computation, and Number Theory (LuCaNT)ICERMnumber theory
21-Jul-202322-Jul-2023Educating at the Intersection of Data Science and Social JusticeICERMComputer science mathematics education
24-Jul-202328-Jul-2023Acceleration and Extrapolation MethodsICERMgeneral mathematics