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Sun Jun 20Fri Jun 25CMO Knots, Surfaces and 3-manifoldsBanff International Research StationMathematics
Mon Jun 21Wed Jun 23Swedish Chemical Society national meetingcomputational and theoretical chemistry general chemistry inorganic chemistry medicinal chemistry organic chemistry physical chemistry chemistry community
Mon Jun 21Fri Jun 25BIRS workshop: Entropic Regularization of Optimal Transport and ApplicationsBanff International Research StationMathematics
Mon Jun 21Sat Jun 26Online Workshop on Stochastic Analysis and Hermite Sobolev SpacesAlbert-Ludwigs University Freiburg / Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India / Indian Statistical Institute, Bangaloreanalysis of PDEs functional analysis probability
Mon Jun 21Fri Jul 2CMI-HIMR Dynamics and Geometry Online Summer SchoolUniversity of BristolMathematics
Mon Jun 21Fri Jul 2Strings 2021ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental ResearchHEP - phenomenology HEP - theory
Tue Jun 22Wed Jun 23Microlocal and Time-Frequency Analysis - Virtual Days 2021mathematical physics analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs functional analysis operator algebras
Tue Jun 22Fri Jun 25SLAS Europe 2021biochemistry chemical biology automation
Sun Jun 27Mon Jun 28Conference on the Occasion of the Retirement of Yeong-Nan YehAcademia Sinicacombinatorics
Sun Jun 27Wed Jun 3037th ACS National Medicinal Chemistry Symposiummedicinal chemistry synthetic methodology
Sun Jun 27Wed Jun 30Balticum Organicum Syntheticum 2021medicinal chemistry synthetic methodology
Mon Jun 28Tue Jun 29Around Frobenius distributions and related topics IInumber theory
Mon Jun 28Wed Jun 30Algebraic groups and algebraic geometry: in honor of Zinovy Reichstein's 60th birthdayalgebraic geometry group theory number theory representation theory
Mon Jun 28Fri Jul 2Beyond HyperbolicityOhio State Universitygeneral topology group theory geometric topology metric geometry
Mon Jun 28Fri Jul 2EWM/EMS Mittag Leffler Summer School on Tropical Moduli Spacesalgebraic geometry
Tue Jun 29Wed Jun 30SMSMS 2021 (School on Mirror Symmetry and Moduli Spaces)Instituto Superior TécnicoMathematics
Sun Jul 4Wed Jul 7Federation of European Zeolite Associations conferenceinorganic chemistry nanoscience catalysis
Mon Jul 5Tue Jul 6ESOC 2021: European symposium on organic chemistrysynthetic methodology
Mon Jul 5Fri Jul 9Artin Groups, CAT(0) geometry and related topics (Charneyfest)Ohio State Universityalgebraic topology differential geometry dynamical systems general topology group theory geometric topology K-theory and homology metric geometry
Mon Jul 5Fri Jul 23Quantum Fields, Geometry and Representation Theory 2021International Centre For Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluruhigh energy physics mathematical physics algebraic geometry representation theory symplectic geometry
Tue Jul 6Fri Jul 9Applications of Rough Paths: Computational Signatures and Data ScienceICERMMathematics
Wed Jul 7Advances in Hopf Algebroidscommutative algebra algebraic geometry category theory rings and algebras representation theory
Mon Jul 12Special Event in honor of Narasimhan and SeshadriInternational Centre For Theoretical Sciences, BengaluruHEP - theory mathematical physics algebraic geometry representation theory symplectic geometry quantum physics
Mon Jul 12Wed Jul 14Around D-modules NowadaysMathematics
Tue Jul 13Thu Jul 15Analytica Vietnamanalytical chemistry chemical instrumentation
Tue Jul 13Fri Jul 16Ruth Moufang Lecturescommutative algebra algebraic geometry algebraic topology differential geometry general mathematics general topology group theory geometric topology history and overview number theory rings and algebras representation theory
Mon Jul 19Wed Jul 21Faraday discussion: Challenges in biological cryoelectron microscopybiochemistry chemical biology molecular biology spectroscopy chemical physics
Mon Jul 19Wed Jul 21UK Colloids 2020inorganic chemistry nanoscience physical chemistry
Fri Jul 23Sun Jul 25Cell Symposium: Advancing catalysis in C1 chemistryenergy chemistry environmental chemistry (earth, space, marine) inorganic chemistry physical chemistry green and sustainable chemistry catalysis
Mon Jul 26Thu Jul 29The 3rd Geometric Analysis Festivaldifferential geometry
Mon Jul 26Fri Jul 30Park City Mathematics Institute 2021 Graduate Summer School in number theoryInstitute for Advanced Studynumber theory
Mon Aug 2Wed Aug 4Workshop on Advances in Theory and Algorithms for Deep Reinforcement LearningICERMdynamical systems representation theory
Mon Aug 2Fri Aug 13Nankai Symposium on Mathematical DialoguesComputer science Mathematics Physics
Tue Aug 3Thu Aug 5Carleton Combinatorics Meeting 2021combinatorics
Mon Aug 9Fri Aug 13D-modules, Group Actions, and Frobenius: Computing on SingularitiesICERMcommutative algebra algebraic geometry
Mon Aug 9Sun Aug 15Perspectives on quantum link homology theoriesUniversity of Regensburggeometric topology quantum algebra
Mon Aug 16Fri Aug 20A finite and infinite-dimensional meeting on Lie groupoids, Poisson geometry and integrabilityUniversity of Vienna -- Universität Wiendifferential geometry symplectic geometry
Wed Aug 18Fri Aug 20Young Researchers in Algebraic Number Theory (Y-RANT)algebraic geometry number theory
Sun Aug 22Fri Aug 27GECO 2021: Groupe d'Etudes en Chimie Organiquesynthetic methodology
Mon Aug 23Fri Aug 27Prediction and Variability of Air-Sea Interactions: the South Asian MonsoonICERMMathematics
Sun Aug 29Thu Sep 2EFMC-ISMC 2021medicinal chemistry synthetic methodology
Tue Aug 31Fri Sep 3International Symposium on Synthesis & Catalysis (ISySyCat 2021)synthetic methodology catalysis
Mon Sep 6Wed Sep 8Women in Supramolecular Chemistry (WISC) workshoporganic chemistry supramolecular chemistry chemistry community
Wed Sep 8Fri Sep 10Faraday discussion: Peptide-membrane interactionschemical biology physical chemistry supramolecular chemistry chemical physics
Thu Sep 9Fri Sep 10Heilbronn Annual Conference 2021Mathematics
Thu Sep 16Fri Sep 17Statistics at Bristol: Future Results and You 2021statistics theory
Sun Sep 19Thu Sep 2323rd EuroQSARmedicinal chemistry synthetic methodology
Mon Sep 20Fri Sep 24Numerics, Modeling, and Experiments in Wave PhenomenaICERMMathematics Physics
Mon Sep 20Fri Sep 24SFT@Cloud 2021HEP - theory mathematical physics
Thu Sep 23Fri Sep 24Baltic Symposium on Polymer & (Bio)Materials Sciencechemical biology materials chemistry organic chemistry polymer science
Mon Oct 18Fri Oct 22Generic Behavior of Dispersive Solutions and Wave TurbulenceICERMMathematics Physics
Mon Oct 18Fri Oct 22International Conference on Emerging Advanced Nanomaterials (ICEAN 2021)inorganic chemistry materials chemistry nanoscience supramolecular chemistry
Tue Oct 26Wed Oct 27Lab of the Futureautomation general chemistry cheminformatics
Fri Nov 5Sun Nov 7Foam EvaluationICERMmathematical physics algebraic topology representation theory
Mon Dec 6Fri Dec 10Hamiltonian Methods and Asymptotic DynamicsICERMMathematics Physics
Thu Dec 16Tue Dec 21Pacifichem 2021chemical biology analytical chemistry computational and theoretical chemistry general chemistry inorganic chemistry medicinal chemistry physical chemistry supramolecular chemistry synthetic methodology
10-Jan-202214-Jan-2022Holistic Design of Time-Dependent PDE DiscretizationsICERMMathematics
14-Feb-202218-Feb-2022Braids in Representation Theory and Algebraic CombinatoricsICERMcombinatorics
21-Mar-202225-Mar-2022Braids in symplectic and algebraic geometryICERMalgebraic geometry
25-Apr-202229-Apr-2022Braids in Low-Dimensional TopologyICERMalgebraic topology
27-Jun-202230-Jun-2022Homotopy theory with applications to arithmetic and geometryFields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences / Max Planck Institute for Mathematicsalgebraic geometry algebraic topology geometric topology number theory
06-Jul-202208-Jul-2022Spec(Qbar)Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciencescommutative algebra algebraic geometry number theory rings and algebras
17-Jul-202206-Aug-2022Park City Mathematics Institute: Number theory informed by computationInstitute for Advanced Studynumber theory
25-Jul-202229-Jul-2022VBAC 2022: Moduli Spaces and Vector Bundles — New Trendsalgebraic geometry