Theoretical Physics Reading Club (UF)

HEP - theory

University of Florida

Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series times: Tuesday 21:00-23:00, Sunday 19:00-21:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Yining You*
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This is a graduate student theoretical physics reading club meeting. It is held in the University of Florida. To receive updates and materials on our workshop, please join our slack group. Join slack

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
SunMay 0219:00Lintao TanCosmology for grads (10)
TueApr 2721:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (13) + Chp10HW
TueApr 2021:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (12)
SunApr 1819:00Lintao TanCancelled
TueApr 1321:00Tom WaddletonGroup Theory for Grads (11) + Chp9 HW
SunApr 1119:00Lintao TanCosmology for grads (9)
TueApr 0621:00Muslum DogruCancelled
SunApr 0419:00Lintao TanCosmology for grads (8)
TueMar 3021:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (10) + Chp8 HW
SunMar 2819:00Lintao TanCosmology for grads (7)
TueMar 2321:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (9)
SunMar 2119:00Lintao TanCosmology for grads (6)
TueMar 1621:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (8) + Chp6&7 HW
SunMar 1420:00B. Xu, Y. YouCosmology for grads (5)
TueMar 0922:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (7) + Chp5 HW
SunMar 0720:00B. Xu, Y. YouCosmology for grads (4)
TueMar 0222:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (6) + Chp4 HW
SunFeb 2820:00A. Tiwari, M. DogruCosmology for Grads (3)
TueFeb 2322:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (5) + Chp3 HW
SunFeb 2120:00L. Tan, Y. YouCosmology for grads (2)
TueFeb 1622:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (4) + Chp2 HW
SunFeb 1420:00Lintao TanCosmology for grads (1)
TueFeb 0922:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (3) + Chp1 HW
TueFeb 0222:00Tom WaddletonGroup Theory for Grads (2)
TueJan 2622:00Muslum DogruGroup Theory for Grads (1)
TueJan 1922:00M. Dogru, B. Xu, Y. YouExtra dimension (2)/ Planning meeting
TueJan 1222:00M. Flores, T. WaddletonExtra dimension (1)
TueJan 0522:00M. Dogru, B. XuSUSY Breaking
TueDec 2222:00M. Flores, Y. YouSUSY renormalization
TueDec 1522:00B. Xu, T. WaddletonChiral Lagrangian
TueDec 0822:00M. Dogru, M. FloresSuperspace (3)
TueDec 0122:00T. Waddleton, Y. YouSuperspace (2)
TueNov 2422:00M. Dogru, B. XuExtended SUSY (2)
TueNov 1722:00M. Flores, Y. YouExtended SUSY (1)
TueNov 0323:00B. Xu, T. WaddletonSUSY algebra (3)
TueOct 2722:00M. Flores, Y. YouSUSY algebra (2)
TueOct 2022:00B. Xu, T. WaddletonSUSY intro and algebra
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