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FriSep 2907:00Combinatorics Today Series - ITBJose Maria BalmacedaTBA
FriSep 2908:00IPhT coursesRaffaele Tito d"AgnoloNaturalness in Quantum Field Theory after the Large Hadron Collider
FriSep 2908:00Seminar-Type Workshop on Topological SolitonsHarry BradenOn the Construction of Monopoles
FriSep 2910:00Algebra and Logic SeminarNaijun ZhanReset Controller Synthesis
FriSep 2913:00Algebraic and Combinatorial Perspectives in the Mathematical SciencesKasia RejznerPerturbative algebraic quantum field theory (introduction and examples)
FriSep 2914:30Columbia - Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic SeminarJoe Kramer-MillerGeometric Iwasawa theory and p-adic families of motives over function fields
FriSep 2917:00VCU Geometry and Topology SeminarPrakash BelkaleVertices in the multiplicative eigenvalue problem
FriSep 2922:30SFU Applied and Computational Math SeminarDavid SmithFokas Diagonalization
SatSep 3014:00Yerevan Mathematical ColloquiumVardan Oganesyan[POSTPONED] Intersection of quadrics
SatSep 3014:05Knots, graphs and groupsOleg StyrtMatrix sets closed under conjugations and summing commuting elements.
MonOct 0210:30Cihan OkayAziz KharoofHomotopical characterization of strong contextuality (part II)
MonOct 0212:00Paris algebra seminarDuncan LaurieQuantum toroidal algebras: braid group actions, automorphisms, and representation theory
MonOct 0213:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsAngkana RülandRigidity and Flexibility in the Modelling of Shape-Memory Alloys
MonOct 0214:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsHong WangFurstenberg sets estimate in the plane
MonOct 0215:00European Non-Associative Algebra SeminarAlfilgen SebandalFinite graded classification conjecture for Leavitt path algebras
MonOct 0216:00Iowa State Geometric Analysis SeminarFlavien LégerCross-curvature: new areas of applications
MonOct 0216:00FRG Grad Seminar (Averages of of L-functions and Arithmetic Stratification)Agniva DasguptaShort Second Moment Bound for GL(2) L-functions in the Level Aspect
MonOct 0216:00Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures Webinar SeriesThomas BridgesTravelling wave solutions connecting distinct periodic orbits in Hamiltonian PDEs
MonOct 0219:00Early Career Math ColloquiumMargherita ZanellaUniqueness of the invariant measure and asymptotic stability for 2 the 2D Navier-Stokes equations with multiplicative noise
MonOct 0220:30MIT Algebraic Topology SeminarDan Berwick-EvansSupersymmetric field theories and elliptic cohomology
MonOct 0221:30Stanford algebraic geometry seminarMichael TemkinWild ramification and geometry of valuations (joint algebraic geometry and number theory seminar)
TueOct 0307:00Nonlinear Analysis Seminar SeriesAndrea CianchiLocal boundedness of minimizers under unbalanced Orlicz growth conditions
TueOct 0308:00IPhT coursesRaffaele Tito d"AgnoloNaturalness in Quantum Field Theory after the Large Hadron Collider
TueOct 0312:00One World Numeration seminarManfred MadritschConstruction of absolutely normal numbers
TueOct 0313:00Non-local operators, probability and singularitiesElena IssoglioMcKean SDEs with singular coefficients
TueOct 0313:00UEA pure maths seminarAlex TorzewskiStudying points on varieties via varying families
TueOct 0313:30Mathematical Picture Language SeminarMadhu SudanProofs and Computation
TueOct 0314:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarSourav ChatterjeeSpin glass phase in the Edwards-Anderson model at zero temperature
TueOct 0314:00Malliavin Calculus and its ApplicationsFeng-Yu WangEntropy Estimate Between Diffusion Processes with Application to MV SDEs
TueOct 0314:00Symmetry SeminarMarieke van BeestMonopoles, Scattering, and Generalized Symmetries
TueOct 0315:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Brayan FerreiraSymplectic embeddings into disk cotangent bundles of spheres
TueOct 0315:00The Isogeny ClubLeonardo ColòTBA
TueOct 0316:15Northwestern Applied Mathematics SeminarChristine HeitschHow Can Discrete Mathematics Improve RNA Folding Predictions
TueOct 0317:00VaNTAGeDavid HarbaterTBA
TueOct 0318:00OARS Online Analysis Research SeminarLars BeckerMaximal modulations of singular Radon transforms
TueOct 0319:00Harvard MIT Algebraic Geometry SeminarBrad DirksThe minimal exponent of LCI subvarieties
TueOct 0320:00Lethbridge number theory and combinatorics seminarKübra BenliSums of proper divisors with missing digits
TueOct 0320:20LSU Algebra and Number Theory SeminarCheng ChenTBA
TueOct 0320:30MIT number theory seminarDubi KelmerNorm bounds on Eisenstein series
TueOct 0321:00University of Arizona Algebra and Number Theory SeminarKirti JoshiTBA
TueOct 0321:00UCLA analysis and PDE seminarRowan KillipThe Benjamin--Ono equation
TueOct 0322:00UCLA analysis and PDE seminarTongou YangMaximal planar Radon transform via local smoothing, and an elliptical maximal operator
TueOct 0323:00CRG Weekly SeminarsMichaela Cully-HugillAn explicit estimate on the mean value of the error in the prime number theorem in intervals
WedOct 0406:00Trends in Mathematical ResearchJohn DuncanA Guide to Moonshine
WedOct 0407:00UNIST Mathematical Physics SeminarAmihay HananyLecture 1 - Computational Methods for Symplectic Singularities
WedOct 0407:30Moscow-Beijing topology seminarAkio KawauchiTBA
WedOct 0411:30Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statisticsTobias FritzAn approach to homological algebra up to $\epsilon$
WedOct 0413:00Sheffield Pure Maths ColloquiaTyler KellyTBA
WedOct 0414:00Abu Dhabi Stochastics SeminarLaura ShouEigenstates of quantized baker's map
WedOct 0414:00AnLy Strings and Fields online seminarsJerome QuintinApplications of the Kontsevich-Segal Bound in Quantum Cosmology
WedOct 0415:00F1 World SeminarManuel ReyesCategories of hypergroups and hyperstructures
WedOct 0415:00Quasiworld SeminarPiotr HajłaszHölder continuous mappings, differential forms and the Heisenberg groups
WedOct 0415:00Selected Topics in Mathematics - Online EditionPär KurlbergRepulsion in number theory and physics
WedOct 0416:00Metagovernance SeminarOpen SlotOpen Slot: Submit a proposal in #seminar-planning
WedOct 0416:00Quasiworld SeminarChris GartlandStochastic Embeddings of Hyperbolic Metric Spaces
WedOct 0416:20Geometry Seminar at Penn StateHannah HogansonA Geometric "Big Out(F_n)" and its Coarse Geometry
WedOct 0419:00Harvard number theory seminarNaomi SweetingTBA
WedOct 0419:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarCharlie BeilNonnoetherian geometry, noncommutative desingularizations, and quantum theory
ThuOct 0505:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarViatcheslav (Slava) SolomatovFluid dynamics of a terrestrial magma ocean
ThuOct 0509:00European Quantum Algebra Lectures (EQuAL)Tomoyuki ArakawaHilbert Schemes of the points in the plane and quasi-lisse vertex superalgebras
ThuOct 0514:00Around Frobenius Distributions and Related Topics IVFlorent JouveMoments in the Chebotarev Density Theorem
ThuOct 0514:00Maths seminars at the University of GalwayBharat's GuestTBA
ThuOct 0514:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarNawaz SultaniGromov-Witten theory of non-convex complete intersections
ThuOct 0515:00Around Frobenius Distributions and Related Topics IVLilian MatthiessenTBA
ThuOct 0515:00Number Theory Web SeminarIsabel VogtBrauer--Manin obstructions requiring arbitrarily many Brauer classes
ThuOct 0515:00Seminar on Analysis, Differential Equations and Mathematical PhysicsJussi BehrndtThe Landau Hamiltonian with delta-potentials supported on curves
ThuOct 0515:30Seminar In the Analysis and Methods of PDE (SIAM PDE)Irena GambaWeak turbulence modeled by quasilinear diffusion for electrostatic and magnetized plasma systems
ThuOct 0516:00Rocky Mountain Rep Theory SeminarAndoni de Arriba de la HeraSupersymmetric Vertex Algebras and Killing Spinors
ThuOct 0516:15New England Dynamics and Number Theory SeminarYuval YifrachA variation on the p-adic Littlewood Conjecture
ThuOct 0517:00Around Frobenius Distributions and Related Topics IVRobert Lemke OliverTBA
ThuOct 0518:00Around Frobenius Distributions and Related Topics IVVorrapan ChandeeOn Benford's law for multiplicative functions
ThuOct 0518:00Online logic seminarKameryn WilliamsInterpretations and bi-interpretations in second-order arithmetic
ThuOct 0520:00STAGEFrank LuNéron models
ThuOct 0520:30M-seminarConstantin TelemanCondensed Thoughts
ThuOct 0521:00CORDS SFU Operations Research SeminarHeinz Bauschke (UBC-O hosted)On the composition of two linear projections
ThuOct 0521:00UCSD number theory seminarAaron PollackArithmeticity of quaternionic modular forms on G_2
ThuOct 0522:30SFU NT-AG seminarChi Hoi YipDiophantine tuples over integers and finite fields
ThuOct 0523:30Stanford algebraic geometry seminarMichael TemkinDistinguished Lecture: Filling a few holes in the classical resolution of singularities
ThuOct 0523:30UCLA Combinatorics ForumYelena MandelshtamCombinatorics of m=1 Grasstopes
ThuOct 0523:30UCLA Combinatorics ForumAlexander BlackTBA
ThuOct 0523:30UCLA Combinatorics ForumTerrence GeorgeInverse problem for electrical networks
FriOct 0601:00UNIST Mathematical Physics SeminarAmihay HananyLecture 2 - Computational Methods for Symplectic Singularities
FriOct 0605:00UNIST Mathematical Physics SeminarAmihay HananyLecture 3 - Computational Methods for Symplectic Singularities
FriOct 0607:00UNIST Mathematical Physics SeminarAmihay HananyLecture 4 - Computational Methods for Symplectic Singularities
FriOct 0611:15Gothenburg statistics seminarOlle HäggströmPlaying with fire
FriOct 0612:00(ED-3S) Essex Data Science Seminar SeriesProf Boris MirkinAnomalous clustering at various data formats
FriOct 0614:00Around Frobenius Distributions and Related Topics IVAnders SödergrenNon-vanishing at the central point of the Dedekind zeta functions of non-Galois cubic fields
FriOct 0614:30Columbia - Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic SeminarDaxin Xu$p$-adic non-abelian Hodge theory over curves via moduli stacks
FriOct 0615:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieClaude LebrunGravitational Instantons, Weyl Curvature, and Conformally Kahler Geometry
FriOct 0615:00Around Frobenius Distributions and Related Topics IVNina ZubrilinaRoot Number Correlation Bias of Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms
FriOct 0615:00GEOTOP-A seminarJens EggersGeometrical singularities and free surface cusps
FriOct 0617:00Geometry Webinar AmSur /AmSulPedro GasparTBA
FriOct 0617:00Around Frobenius Distributions and Related Topics IVArul ShankarFrobenius equidistribution in families of number fields
FriOct 0618:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieSimone GuttAround almost complex structures
FriOct 0618:00Around Frobenius Distributions and Related Topics IVAlexandre de FaveriTBA
FriOct 0618:30IAS High Energy Theory Friday SeminarsMichael BorinskyTBA
FriOct 0622:30SFU Applied and Computational Math SeminarChristoph OrtnerGeometric Shallow Learning with the Atomic Cluster Expansion
SatOct 0714:05Knots, graphs and groupsXujia ChenTBA
MonOct 0907:00Algebra and Geometry Seminar (HKUST)Dougal DavisTBA
MonOct 0910:30Cihan OkayRedi HaderiColimits of categories, zig-zags and necklaces