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ThuMay 1315:00Quantum Gravity and All of ThatRoger PenroseWhy Resolving the Singularity Problem of General Relativity is Not Just a Quantum Gravity Issue
ThuMay 1316:00International Zoom Inverse Problems Seminar, UC IrvineTony LiimatainenLinearized Calderón problem and exponentially accurate quasimodes for analytic manifolds
ThuMay 1316:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Alex YoucisGeometric coverings of rigid spaces
ThuMay 1316:30Online Northeast PDE and Analysis SeminarCyrill MuratovTBA
ThuMay 1317:00LieJor Online Seminar: Algebras, representations, and applicationsAlistair SavageAffine Hecke algebras and the elliptic Hall algebra
ThuMay 1317:00ViBraNT (Virtual Brazilian Number Theory seminar)Daniel FiorilliHigher moments of primes in intervals and in arithmetic progressions
ThuMay 1317:00Topos Institute ColloquiumMaria Emilia MaiettiQuotient completions for topos-like structures
ThuMay 1317:00Algebraic and enumerative combinatorics seminarChristian BeanAutomating the enumeration of pattern-avoiding permutations
ThuMay 1317:30Seminario de Geometría Diferencial: Córdoba, ArgentinaGabriela OvandoThe geodesic flow on Lie groups
ThuMay 1318:00Seminario Latinoamericano de Teoría de NúmerosSantiago MolinaWaldspurger formula in higher cohomology
ThuMay 1318:00Online logic seminarAndrés VillavecesA partition relation for well-founded trees by Komjáth and Shelah, and two applications to model theory.
ThuMay 1318:00UCLA Algebra SeminarFumiaki SuzukiAn O-acyclic variety of even index
ThuMay 1319:00Rocky Mountain Rep Theory SeminarCris NegronQuantum SL(2) and logarithmic vertex operator algebras at (p,1)-central charge
ThuMay 1320:00CUNY Geometric Analysis SeminarMax HallgrenRicci Flow with a Lower Bound on Ricci Curvature and Volume
ThuMay 1320:30Fellowship of the RingKaren SmithExtremal singularities in prime characteristic
ThuMay 1320:30Princeton/IAS number theory seminarMaksym RadziwiłłExpansion and parity
ThuMay 1321:00UCSD number theory seminarSean HoweBialgebraicity in local Shimura varieties
FriMay 1408:00Beijing Moscow Mathematics ColloquiumStefan NemirovskiLorentz geometry and contact topology
FriMay 1408:00IBS-CGP Mathematical Physics SeminarJohannes WalcherOn the rationality of MUMs and 2-functions
FriMay 1408:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Si LiGeometry of Localized Effective Theories and Algebraic Index
FriMay 1408:15Dynamical systems seminar at the Jagiellonian UniversityAlexandre TrillesTopological stability of iterated function systems
FriMay 1408:15Theory of Markov Semigroups and Schrödinger OperatorsJacek MałeckiArchimedes principle for ideal gas
FriMay 1409:00Beijing Moscow Mathematics ColloquiumWenshuai JiangGromov-Hausdorff limit of manifolds and some applications
FriMay 1409:00ZORP (zoom on rational points)Margherita PaganoAn example of Brauer-Manin obstruction to weak approximation at a prime with good reduction
FriMay 1409:30LETHEP seminarsDiptarka DasSome universal aspects in out-of-equilibrium physics (Lecture 2)
FriMay 1410:00Algebra and Logic SeminarVesselin DrenskyNon-finitely based and limit varieties of algebraic systems
FriMay 1410:00ZORP (zoom on rational points)Alexandre LartauxOn the number of ideals with norm a binary form of degree 3
FriMay 1410:15Knot theory seminar in WarsawGuillem CazassusHopf algebras, equivariant Lagrangian Floer homology, and cornered instanton theory
FriMay 1412:00From 3-manifold invariants to number theoryDon ZagierFrom 3-manifold invariants to number theory
FriMay 1412:00Budapest Big Seminar on Combinatorics + GeometryBalázs KeszeghOn tangencies among planar curves
FriMay 1412:00Computer Physics and Quantum Informatics SeminarCesar Fernandez-RamirezStatistical techniques for model selection and physics interpretation in particle physics
FriMay 1412:00IIT Bombay Virtual Commutative Algebra SeminarTim RoemerCut and related polytopes in commutative algebra
FriMay 1412:15EXACT - (KRAKOW - POZNAN - WARSAW) Field TheoryKatarzyna RejznerThermal states in Sine-Gordon model in Lorentzian signature
FriMay 1412:30The London geometry and topology seminarMichael MageeSpectral Gaps of Random Covers of Surfaces
FriMay 1412:30ZORP (zoom on rational points)Samir SiksekIntegral points on punctured curves and punctured abelian varieties
FriMay 1413:00Functional analysis and operator algebras in AthensMatthew DawsPurely infinite algebras and ultrapowers
FriMay 1413:00May 12 in Rome: celebrating women in mathematicsMaria ColomboThe Transport Equation (with an opening address by Roberta Fulci)
FriMay 1413:00Applied Algebra and Analysis Online SeminarCarlos BeltránMeasuring the sensibility of numerical problems, including your favourite one
FriMay 1413:00Warwick Combinatorics SeminarPascal SchweitzerAutomorphisms of graphs with a forbidden minor
FriMay 1413:00Zoominar in Dynamical Systems @ PortoPolina VytnovaComputing Hausdorff dimension of Bernoulli convolutions
FriMay 1413:15Symplectic zoominarDaniel Álvarez-GavelaCaustics of Lagrangian homotopy spheres with stably trivial Gauss map
FriMay 1413:30Online Weekly Research Seminar for Early Career Mathematicians from IndiaJaitra ChattopadhyaySimultaneous divisibility and indivisibility properties of class numbers of quadratic fields
FriMay 1414:00Banach spaces webinarsMarek CúthLipschitz-free $p$-spaces
FriMay 1414:00Geometry and Physics @ LisbonStéphane GuillermouStable Gauss map of nearby Lagrangians
FriMay 1414:00Basic Problems in Quantum InformationCaslov BruknerQuantum causality: fundamentals and quantum information applications
FriMay 1414:00Cologne Number Theory SeminarsGeorge AndrewsHow Ramanujan May Have Discovered of the Mock Theta Functions
FriMay 1414:00Resistência dinâmica (Dynamical resistance)Meysan NassiriTBA
FriMay 1414:00Pure Mathematics Colloquium at SouthamptonGoulnara ArzhantsevaApproximations of infinite groups
FriMay 1414:00ZORP (zoom on rational points)Alec ShuteSums of four squareful numbers
FriMay 1414:15St. Petersburg algebraic groups seminarAndrei RapinchukGroups with bounded generation: old and new
FriMay 1414:30Rutgers Seminar on Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Complex GeometryYum-Tong SiuGlobal non-deformability, super rigidity, and rigidity of vector bundles and CR manifolds
FriMay 1415:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieZiwen ZhuEquivariant K-stability and valuative criteria
FriMay 1415:00Distinguished Lecture Series 2021 - Amie WilkinsonAmie WilkinsonTBA
FriMay 1415:00Logic SupergroupFrancesca Boccuni & Luca ZanettiHow to Hamlet a Caesar
FriMay 1415:00CRM-Montreal analysis SeminarMichael LipnowskiTBA
FriMay 1415:00Stochastics and Statistics Seminar SeriesAnn LeeLikelihood-Free Frequentist Inference
FriMay 1415:15Basic Problems in Quantum InformationJaroslaw KorbiczSpectrum Broadcast Structures And Quantum Origins Of Objectivity
FriMay 1415:30Séminaire de géométrie arithmétique et motivique (Paris Nord)Alexander PetrovAutomatic de Rhamness of arithmetic local systems
FriMay 1416:30Probability and the City SeminarKonstantin MatetskiDirected mean curvature flow in noisy environment
FriMay 1417:00Columbia algebraic geometry seminarAline ZanardiniStability of pencils of plane curves
FriMay 1417:00Cibercoloquio Latinoamericano de MatemáticasAlberto VerjovskyGrupos modulares y orbifolds usando los cuaterniones
FriMay 1417:00STAGEZhiyu ZhangPerfections in mixed characteristic
FriMay 1417:00Seminario de álgebra, combinatoria y teoría de LieAlfredo ÁlzagaDependent Type Theory - Una Introducción
FriMay 1417:30Basic Problems in Quantum InformationIman MarvianLocality and Symmetry Through the Lens of Quantum Information
FriMay 1417:45Princeton HET seminarAnatoly DymarskyTBA
FriMay 1418:00CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDE's SeminarEmily J. KingMathematical analysis of neural networks
FriMay 1418:00Global Noncommutative Geometry Seminar (Americas)Nikita SopenkoInvertible states of quantum lattice spin systems and their invariants
FriMay 1418:00UCSB Seminar on Geometry and ArithmeticAdel BetinaEisenstein intersection points on the Hilbert Eigenvariety
FriMay 1418:45Basic Problems in Quantum InformationJess RiedelWavefunction branches
FriMay 1419:00Stanford algebraic geometry seminarJoachim JelisiejewPathologies on the Hilbert scheme of points
FriMay 1422:00Analysis and Geometry SeminarTrang Thi Thien NguyenNon-homogeneous T(1) theorem for singular integrals on product quasimetric spaces
FriMay 1422:00Caltech geometry/topology seminarArtem KotelskiyKhovanov homology via Floer theory of the 4-punctured sphere
SatMay 1500:00Automorphic Project & Research SeminarMasao OiGeometric L-packets of Howe-unramified toral supercuspidal representations I
SunMay 1611:30IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryGang TianRicci flow on Fano manifolds
SunMay 1612:30IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryXingwang XuGauss curvature flow on 2-sphere
SunMay 1613:00IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryYuxin GeOn conformally compact Einstein manifolds
SunMay 1613:30IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryJuncheng WeiSingularities formations in some geometric flows
SunMay 1614:30IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryPaul YangQuasiconformal maps on the 4-sphere
SunMay 1615:00IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryEric ChenThe Yamabe flow on asymptotically flat manifolds
MonMay 1701:00IBS-CGP weekly zoom seminarXujia ChenLifting cobordisms and Kontsevich-type recursions for counts of real curves
MonMay 1702:00BIMSA Geometry and Physics SeminarsJim HalversonComplexity, Physics, and Effective Theories of Deep Learning 1
MonMay 1706:30Arithmetic MondayDavid HansenLocal Shimura varieties and their cohomology
MonMay 1708:00French-Korean webinar in number theoryRiccardo PengoEntanglement in the family of division fields of a CM elliptic curve
MonMay 1708:00KIAS String SeminarsJeong-Hyuck ParkString Theory and Non-Riemannian Geometry
MonMay 1711:15Warsaw Number Theory SeminarMarco StrengObtaining modular units via a recurrence relation
MonMay 1711:30IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryKengo HirachiNormal form for pseudohermitian structures and the singularity of the Szegö kernel
MonMay 1712:00Monday's Nonstandard SeminarVerena BögeleinHigher regularity in congested traffic dynamics
MonMay 1712:00Paris algebra seminarSachin GautamPoles of finite-dimensional representations of Yangians
MonMay 1712:30IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryJih-Hsin ChengPositive mass theorem and the CR Yamabe equation on 5-dimensional contact spin manifolds
MonMay 1713:00One World Combinatorics on Words SeminarJeffrey ShallitThe Walnut Tutorial: Using A Tool for Doing Combinatorics on Words
MonMay 1713:00IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryYongbing ZhangFree boundary constant p-mean curvature surfaces intersecting the Pansu sphere
MonMay 1713:00IMBM Algebra SeminarsErgün YalçınHigher limits over the fusion orbit category
MonMay 1713:00Monday's Nonstandard SeminarPiotr RybkaAn example of convergence of gradient flows
MonMay 1713:30Bremen-Oldenburg Dynamics SeminarRhiannon DougallComparison of entropy for infinite covering manifolds, and group extensions of subshifts of finite type
MonMay 1713:30IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryXi ZhangThe non-abelian Hodge correspondence on some non-K\"ahler manifolds
MonMay 1713:30One World Optimization seminarMarco Antonio López CerdáProperties of Inequality Systems and Their Influence in Convex Optimization
MonMay 1713:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsJan StebelContinuum-fracture models of porous media processes: derivation and analysis
MonMay 1714:00From 3-manifold invariants to number theoryDon ZagierFrom 3-manifold invariants to number theory
MonMay 1714:00Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics webinarXizhi LiuA unified approach to hypergraph stability
MonMay 1714:00Groups, Operators, and Banach Algebras WebinarAlex FreiRelative Cuntz-Pimsner algebras: a complete description of their lattice of gauge-invariant ideals
MonMay 1714:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsJill PipherRegularity of solutions of complex coefficient systems and $p$-ellipticity
MonMay 1714:00IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR GeometryRuobing ZhangOn the structure of collapsing Ricci-flat Kaehler manifolds in dimension four
MonMay 1714:00IFT-Madrid WebinarsRobert ReischkeConsistent equivalence principle tests with fast radio bursts
MonMay 1714:00Quantum Groups SeminarNo talk------
MonMay 1714:00UAB dynamical systems group international seminarAnna GeyerStability and persistence of periodic traveling waves