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ThuFeb 2513:30Geometry Seminar - University of FlorenceUwe SemmelmannStability of Einstein metrics
ThuFeb 2514:00CERN BSM ForumsRick S. GuptaA heavy axion/'massless up' from partial compositeness
ThuFeb 2514:00(ED-3S) Essex Data Science Seminar SeriesTolulope FadinaSymmetric measures of variability induced by risk measures
ThuFeb 2514:00Lisbon webinar in analysis and differential equationsBoyan SirakovThe Vázquez maximum principle and the Landis conjecture for elliptic PDE with unbounded coefficients
ThuFeb 2514:00Dublin Algebra and Number Theory SeminarChi-Yun HsuPartial classicality of Hilbert modular forms
ThuFeb 2514:00FD Seminarİlke ÇanakçıTBA
ThuFeb 2514:30CENTRA SeminarValerio FaraoniImperfect fluid description of scalar-tensor gravity and an application to the GR limit
ThuFeb 2514:40Function spacesJavier SoriaOptimal doubling measures and applications to graphs
ThuFeb 2515:00Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarVasso PetrotouTom & Jerry triples
ThuFeb 2515:00DinAmicI: Another Internet SeminarPaolo GiuliettiInfinite mixing for accessible skew products
ThuFeb 2515:00MESS (Mathematics Essex Seminar Series)Christina de FilippisDifferentiable vs non-differentiable systems
ThuFeb 2515:00Machine Learning and PhysicsProf Lode PolletDiscovering new phases of matter with unsupervised and interpretable support vector machines
ThuFeb 2515:10Online GAPT SeminarKarl-Hermann NeebA representation theoretic perspective on modular theory
ThuFeb 2515:15London Integrability Journal ClubBenoit VicedoIntegrable E-models, 4d Chern-Simons theory and affine Gaudin models
ThuFeb 2515:15electronic Computational Homotopy Theory seminarLennart MeierTBA
ThuFeb 2515:30Harvard CMSA Thur: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/MathJustin KaidiExploring Non-Supersymmetric String Theory
ThuFeb 2516:00Control in Times of Crisis. Online seminar.Irena LasieckaControl of a third order in time dynamics governing nonlinear acoustic waves - a view from the boundary
ThuFeb 2516:00Colloquium de l'institut de mathématiques de Jussieu - Paris Rive GaucheDamien CalaqueReprésentations de carquois et lieux critiques relatifs
ThuFeb 2516:00Frontiers of Parameterized ComplexityBart JansenAlgebraic Sparsification for Decision and Maximization Constraint Satisfaction Problems
ThuFeb 2516:00GOThIC - Ischia Online Group Theory ConferenceAgnieszka BierOn weak Sierpinski subsets in groups
ThuFeb 2516:00Seminar on the Mathematics of Reaction NetworksChuang XuDynamics of one dimensional stochastic reaction networks
ThuFeb 2516:00Number Theory Web SeminarBen GreenNew lower bounds for van der Waerden numbers
ThuFeb 2516:00Moscow Big Seminar of CombiGeo LabAlexander KolpakovSpace vectors forming rational angles
ThuFeb 2516:15Global Poisson webinarDavid Martínez TorresCoregular submanifolds and Poisson submersions
ThuFeb 2516:30Seminar on the Mathematics of Reaction NetworksBalazs BorosDynamics of planar deficiency-one mass-action systems
ThuFeb 2516:30electronic Computational Homotopy Theory seminarChristy HazelTBA
ThuFeb 2517:00Oxford-Warwick Complexity MeetingsRobert RobereAmortized circuit complexity, formal complexity measures, and catalytic algorithms
ThuFeb 2517:00International Zoom Inverse Problems Seminar, UC IrvineHoussem HaddarTBA
ThuFeb 2517:00ViBraNT (Virtual Brazilian Number Theory seminar)Caroline Turnage-ButterbaughGaps between zeros of the Riemann zeta-function
ThuFeb 2517:00QFT and GeometryDu PeiOn the compactification of 6d theories
ThuFeb 2517:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Maria FoxSupersingular loci of some unitary Shimura varieties
ThuFeb 2517:00Topos Institute ColloquiumSamson Abramsky[Title TBA] (rescheduled)
ThuFeb 2517:30UC Davis algebra & discrete math seminarSachin GautamR-matrices and Yangians
ThuFeb 2517:30SFU Quarantined NT-AG SeminarAlex HeatonCatastrophe discriminants of tensegrity frameworks
ThuFeb 2518:00Ohio State Topology and Geometric Group Theory SeminarStefan WitzelUncountably many simple groups up to quasi-isometry
ThuFeb 2518:00Princeton Algebraic Topology SeminarKrzysztof PawałowskiTBA
ThuFeb 2518:00UCI Mathematical PhysicsOluwadara OgunkoyaEntanglement Entropy Bounds in the Higher Spin XXZ Chain
ThuFeb 2518:00Algebraic combinatorics seminarNick LoehrChain decompositions for q,t-Catalan numbers
ThuFeb 2519:00Online logic seminarSophia KnightReasoning about agents who may know other agents’ strategies in Strategy Logic
ThuFeb 2519:00Seminário Brasileiro de Grafos, Algoritmos e CombinatóriaVictor CamposUm Survey sobre a Conjectura da Otimalidade Dinâmica
ThuFeb 2519:50Geometry, Physics, and Representation Theory SeminarHunter DinkinsCombinatorics of 3d Mirror Symmetry
ThuFeb 2520:00New York Number Theory SeminarGiorgis PetridisAlmost eventowns
ThuFeb 2520:00Online Northeast PDE and Analysis SeminarAvy SofferEvolution of NLS with bounded data
ThuFeb 2521:15The Ohio State Colloquium SeriesWilliam SlofstraTBA
ThuFeb 2521:30Fellowship of the RingMark WalkerHow short can a module of finite projective dimension be?
ThuFeb 2521:30M-seminarDavid NadlerVerlinde formulas in Betti Geometric Langlands
ThuFeb 2521:30Princeton/IAS number theory seminarAlexander SmithSelmer groups and a Cassels-Tate pairing for finite Galois modules
ThuFeb 2522:00Columbia CUNY NYU number theory seminarBenjamin HowardARITHMETIC VOLUMES OF UNITARY SHIMURA VARIETIES
ThuFeb 2522:00UCSD number theory seminarTim TrudgianVerifying the Riemann hypothesis to a new height
ThuFeb 2523:00SMRI Algebra and Geometry OnlineMonica NevinsCharacters and types: the personality of a representation of a p-adic group, revealed by branching to its compact open subgroups
FriFeb 2600:00CUNY Geometric Analysis SeminarWeimin ShengRemovable singularity of positive mass theorem with continuous metrics
FriFeb 2600:00Rocky Mountain Rep Theory SeminarRobert McRaeOn semisimplicity of modules for C_2-cofinite vertex operator algebras
FriFeb 2603:00East Asian String Webinars-- No Webinar --TBA
FriFeb 2605:00Asia Pacific Seminar on Applied Topology and GeometryLakshmi Priya M.E.Nodal sets of Gaussian Laplace eigenfunctions
FriFeb 2605:30Asia Pacific Seminar on Applied Topology and GeometryNiklas HellmerDiscrete Prokhorov Metric for Persistence Diagrams
FriFeb 2606:00KEK Theory SeminarKazuki IkedaReal-time dynamics of Chern-Simons fluctuations near a critical point
FriFeb 2610:00Fano Varieties and Birational GeometryAndrea FanelliRational simple connectedness and Fano threefolds
FriFeb 2610:30Seminario de Análisis y Aplicaciones UAM-ICMATCarmelo PuliattiBlow-ups of caloric measure and applications to two-phase problems
FriFeb 2611:00Algebra and Logic SeminarHristo GanchevEnumeration Reducibility: 60 years of investigation
FriFeb 2611:30Fano Varieties and Birational GeometryJesús Martínez GarcíaAsymptotically log del Pezzo surfaces
FriFeb 2612:30Industrial mathematics in Chebyshev laboratoryEkaterina NoskovaMulti-objective optimization of very expensive black-box functions with SMAC
FriFeb 2613:00Budapest Big Seminar on Combinatorics + GeometryWolfgang MulzerTBA
FriFeb 2613:00Deformation Quantization SeminarChristiaan van de VenAsymptotic equivalence of two strict deformation quantizations and applications to the classical limit
FriFeb 2613:00Durham Maths HEP seminarsElli PomoniType-B Anomalies on the Higgs Branch
FriFeb 2613:00IIT Bombay Virtual Commutative Algebra SeminarBernd UlrichGeneralized multiplicities and integral dependence-II
FriFeb 2613:30Online Weekly Research Seminar for Early Career Mathematicians from IndiaGauranga K. BaishyaCombinatorial proof of a beautiful Euler-type Identity
FriFeb 2613:30The London geometry and topology seminarJoseph WaldronMinimal model program for threefolds of mixed characteristic.
FriFeb 2614:00Functional analysis and operator algebras in AthensM. GhandehariFourier algebras of the group of R-affine transformations and a dual convolution.
FriFeb 2614:00(LAGARTOS) Latin American Real and Tropical Geometry SeminarLucía López de MedranoTopology of tropical varieties
FriFeb 2614:00Warwick Combinatorics SeminarLutz WarnkePrague dimension of random graphs
FriFeb 2614:00Zoominar in Dynamical Systems @ PortoFederico Rodriguez-HertzRigidity for expanding maps
FriFeb 2614:00Fano Varieties and Birational GeometryErik PaemurruBirational geometry of sextic double solids with a compound A_n singularity
FriFeb 2614:15Symplectic zoominarSylvain CourteTwisted generating functions and the nearby Lagrangian conjecture (Part of the Generating Functions Day joint with Western Hemisphere Virtual Symplectic Seminar)
FriFeb 2614:30Finite Groups in ValenciaZeinab AkhlaghiCharacter degree graph and Huppert’s ρ-σ- conjecture
FriFeb 2615:00Amplitudes SeminarAidan HerderscheeAlgebraic branch points at all loop orders from positive kinematics and wall crossing (arXiv:2102.03611)
FriFeb 2615:00Banach spaces webinarsBen WallisTBA
FriFeb 2615:00the Hypoelliptic Laplacian and NCG SeminarJialin ZhuReal analytic torsion forms
FriFeb 2615:00Pure Mathematics Colloquium at SouthamptonMarkus LinckelmannOn the Lie algebra structure of outer derivations of finite group algebras
FriFeb 2615:00Virtual Maxwell Analysis SeminarHyunju KwonHölder continuous Euler flows with local energy dissipation
FriFeb 2615:20Finite Groups in ValenciaÁlvaro L. MartínezSymmetric groups and the Heisenberg category
FriFeb 2615:30Fano Varieties and Birational GeometryDaniel CaveyRestrictions on the Singularity Content of a Fano Polygon
FriFeb 2615:45Kolchin Seminar in Differential AlgebraVincent BagayokoThree flavors of H-fields
FriFeb 2615:50Finite Groups in ValenciaCarolina VallejoProblems on characters involving two primes
FriFeb 2616:00Columbia Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic SeminarAshay BurungaleAn even parity instance of the Goldfeld conjecture
FriFeb 2616:00CRM - Séminaire du CIRGET / Géométrie et TopologieChris KottkeBigerbes and applications
FriFeb 2616:00CRM-Séminaire du LACIMSébastien LabbéUne caractérisation des mots Sturmiens par les paires asymptotiques indistinguables
FriFeb 2616:00FoCM 2021 online seminar seriesDan SpielmanUsing the Gram-Schmidt walk to balance covariates in randomized controlled trials
FriFeb 2616:00Queen Mary University of London Algebra and Number Theory SeminarJun SuArithmetic group cohomology with generalised coefficients
FriFeb 2616:00Stochastics and Statistics Seminar SeriesYury PolyanskiySelf-regularizing Property of Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Mixture Models
FriFeb 2616:30Graduate Inter-University Math seminarJacopo ZanchettinGalois objects of Hopf algebras
FriFeb 2616:40Finite Groups in ValenciaClaudio MarchiPicard groups for blocks with normal defect groups
FriFeb 2617:00FoCM 2021 online seminar seriesKristin LauterTBA
FriFeb 2617:00Nonclassical Logic WebinarStefano BonzioTBA
FriFeb 2617:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Ben EliasIntroduction to the Hecke category and the diagonalization of the full twist
FriFeb 2617:00Western Hemisphere virtual symplectic seminarSimon AllaisPeriodic points of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms and generating functions
FriFeb 2617:15Graduate Inter-University Math seminarLaura SelicatoHyperparameters Optimization in Learning Approaches
FriFeb 2617:30Probability and the City SeminarDuncan DauvergneLearning from the directed landscape
FriFeb 2618:00Columbia algebraic geometry seminarGavril FarkasGreen's Conjecture via Koszul modules
FriFeb 2618:00Discrete Optimization TalksThibaut VidalTBA
FriFeb 2618:00STAGENaomi SweetingCrystalline cohomology